A snippet of some snips — (extended portfolio available on request, accumulating dust in an old fashioned device called a folder)

BBC World Hacks @ BBC World Service – “Meet the fog catcher” video with 30 million views in 7 days on meeting sustainability issues in Peru

BBC World Hacks – Buy Nothing Christmas; reversioned video all how to spend 0 on presents. Call it a sustainable Christmas

BBC World Hacks Facebook page – launched and curated

The Economist – Shakespeare and Islam, April 2016

The Economist (Medium blog) – Why millennials at The Economist behave like they work for a startup, March 2016

The Economist – The legacy of Pokemon for millennials , February 2016

The Economist – What are presidential pardons? , November 2015

Barnet Press, teenage brothers found guilty, November 2015

Enfield Advertiser, Sampling London-grown produce, September 2015

Barnet Press, Palmers Green man writes on lost history of buses, August 2015

Barnet Press, uncovering London’s first ‘green’ mosque, July 2015

Harringey Advertiser, Artist visits school, July 2015

Barnet Press, Battle of Britain flyover, July 2015

Enfield Advertiser, stabbing at Hertford Road, July 2015

Camden New Journal – news piece, May 2015

BBC Elections –  Northamptonshire South vote count to the Pan-Results Service during General Election 2015

Daily Telegraph Lifestyle, ‘Hi Tech Toys of 2015’, January 2015

Daily Telegraph Lifestyle, ‘Best Apps’, January 2015

Daily Telegraph Lifestyle, ‘Will Wareable Tech Be Fashionable?’, November 2014

Offside Rule, Tackling British Asian Representation In Football, October 2014

Offside Rule, Jordan Nobbs Interview, September 2014


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